Privacy & Waiver

Anakie Gorge image by Graham W. May 2013

Respect for Privacy

When leading or participating in Nomads activities, you may become aware of the contact details of other Nomads members. It is a requirement of all Nomads members and visitors that the contact details of other members not be provided to third parties, including other Nomads members, without the permission of that member. This is normal practice in any organisation, but is especially important in the Nomads due to the fact that some members are fully or partially closeted, and disclosure of their participation in Nomads activities could be construed as "outing" them. 

When emails are distributed to Nomads members, they should always be delivered using the BCC recipients field, so that nobody can be aware of who else has received the email. When communications are issued from the Nomads website, this is automatically taken care of for you. 

Photos: if photos of people participating in Nomads activities are posted publicly, their faces should not be shown without their consent. Similarly, nude photos should generally not be displayed. If the photos are displayed in locations that can only be accessed by Nomads members {...what are the guidelines?}.

Nomads Contacts List

Leaders have been given access to the Nomads Contacts list on the website. This contains all information on the membership. All persons are strictly forbidden to make any contact details available to anyone, talk about them to anyone, download them, make any edits, or copy them from the website in any form.

You may need to access a contact's private information for the express requirement of leading an event, or for safety. You are only authorised to access contact details for those people who have registered to attend your event, not for any other members.

Waiver & Acknowledgement of Risk

By getting a ticket to any event other than "social" grade events, the ticket recipient (whether a Nomads member or a Visitor) agrees to the following:

  1. I declare that I am at least 18 years of age.
  2. I undertake to observe the Rules and By-Laws of the Nomads Outdoors Group Inc. (the Association) in force at any time. 
    (View the Rules of the group / View the By-laws )
  3. In voluntarily participating in an activity of the Association, I acknowledge that this activity may expose me to risks that could lead to my injury, illness, death or to loss of or damage to my property. I also acknowledge that I may also be found to have contributed to injury or illness or death of others or to the loss of or damage to their property.
  4. I acknowledge that I will take responsibility for my own actions while participating in any activity of the Association.